Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Boxee App Reviews

Learn about all the apps available for the Boxee Box!

There are currently over 200 apps published by the Boxee team and many more published by the Boxee community. And new apps are being added all the time! Find out what apps are out there, where to find them, and what others think about them.

boxee-appsThe Boxee team provides hundreds of apps to further extend the abilities of the Boxee Box. You'll find apps to watch Netflix on your Boxee Box, rent new release movies from VUDU, watch live major league baseball games from MLB.com, listen to Pandora Radio, and much more.

We'll review some of these apps and let readers vote on the best and worst apps out there so you can find hidden gems that you may have otherwise not experienced.


Boxee enables its community members to write Apps to extend the functionality of the Boxee Box. These "3rd Party" apps are available by adding the app's repository address to your Boxee Box app directory. Visit the 3rd party apps page for repository addresses that can enhance the functionality of your Boxee Box. Some examples of third party apps:

  • navi-xNavi-X - find hundreds of movies and TV shows on the web utilizing this app. Navi-X pulls together user submitted lists of video locations on the web so you can easily browse and find what you are looking for.
  • JustinTV - watch your favorite JustinTV channels right on your Boxee Box.
  • TechCrunch TV - hundreds of videos from the TechCrunch website talking about almost every aspect of technology.
  • Bartsidee TV - access Hulu shows, South Park episodes, podcasts, and more.

And Many More...

The Boxee Box is a great little device that allows you to watch videos directly on your TV. The Tips Section will show you some tips on getting the most out of your Boxee Box. For example:

  • Create playlists to organize your local music or video. Playlists allow you to set an order for your music or videos (or both) to play one after the other. Create a playlist of your favorite songs for your next party or a playlist of children's videos to keep your little one's occupied ;)
  • Use SABnzbd to download files from usenet groups for local playback on your Boxee Box. SABnzbd simplifies the process of downloading files from usenet groups by automatically downloading all the required pieces, verifying the downloaded pieces, repairing if necessary, and then recombining the pieces into the complete file.
  • Access Hulu shows using the 3rd Party Bartsidee Repository.

See More Tips...

Boxee is a software platform that aims at bringing TV and Movies available on the internet to your TV screen. Boxee organizes TV shows available on the internet and allows you to watch them on the big screen when you want. You can either download the Boxee software to your computer or buy the stand-alone Boxee Box.

With the little Boxee Box by D-Link, you can watch almost any video from the internet as well as almost any type of video file stored on your local computer right on your TV. The Boxee Box connects directly to your TV via HDMI cable and connects to the internet via wired or wireless connection.


3rd Party Apps and Repositories

The following 3rd Party apps have been created by the Boxee community. The apps listed here are compatible with the Boxee Box version of software. There are many other apps that are currently compatible with the Mac/PC version of software that are not compatible with the Boxee Box software so you may find some apps out there that do not load on your Boxee Box. The list below will be an attempt to keep up to date on the apps that are compatible Thirty Seconds To Mars Love Lust Faith + Dreams download with the Boxee Box. Following the repositories is a list of all the individual apps (sorted by user rating). If you are new to Boxee and not sure how to add a repository, check out this quick guide.

If you are a developer and have a repository you want added, click here to fill out the submission form.

If you've used an app, please take a second to rate it below (just click on the star rating that you want to give).

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